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Service benefits to AWW/AWH

COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENTS:- In the event of the death of an employee of child (Anganwadi) Centre while in service, the legal heir of the deceased is given compassionate appointment under scheme by the Government.

Hon'ble Chief Minister announced the following additional concessions to the staff of Noon Meal Centres and ICDS in the Conference held on 21.11.2009 and necessary orders to that effect have been issued.

  • 1. Two days casual leave allowed at a time in a month including the unavailed Leave of previous months.
  • 2. Festival Advance of Rs. 2000 is sanctioned once in a year to the staff of child centres (Anganwadi Centres) of ICDs.
  • 3. Extension of Special Pension Scheme to those who have retired before 15.09.2008.
  • 4. Medical Allowance of Rs. 100 per month to all the staff of Child Centres of ICDS.
  • 5. Additional Charge Allowance is increased from Rs. 2 to Rs. 10 per day to Anganwadi Workers who hold additional charge of other centres.
  • 6. 50% of Service rendered as Anganwadi Workers will be taken into account for calculating the pension for those who are appointed as Grade II Supervisors / Multi purpose Health Workers/BT Teachers before 01.04.2003
  • 7. 10 days of Medical Leave will be allowed to those staff who undergo surgery under the New insurance Scheme.
  • 8. Promotional Opportunities to the eligible Anganwadi Workers for appointment as Office Assistants/Record Clerks in the Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal programme Department and to the Anganwadi Workers as Grade II Supervisors.
  • 9. The Working Time of Child (Anganwadi) Centres is reduced as 8.00A.M. to 3.30 P.M. instead of 8.00 A.M to 4.00 P.m.
  • 10. Travelling Allowance is enhanced to Rs. 40 per month from Rs. 20 per month to Anganwadi Workers.
  • 11. Maternity leave allowed for six months.
  • 12. Two sets of Uniforms (sarees) per year have been provided to all the Anganwadi Workers/Helpers )
  • 13. Employment opportunity through Special Tests for appointing the Qualified Anganwadi Worker as BT Teacher.
  • 14. Tamil Nadu Nutritious meal and ICDS Employee GPF has been introduced from 1.4.2009. The following facilities are provided to improve the functioning of ICDS Programme since the year 2006-2007 to 2009-2010. It has been implemented from 01.08.2015.