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The Integrated Child Development Services Scheme was launched in India...

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Expansion of ICDS

Till March 2006,Health and Nutrition services were provided through 19,500 AWCs in 318 Rural blocks under WB assisted ICDS III Project and also through 23,177 AWCs in 116 Urban and Rural projects under General ICDS.

But from 1.04.2006,all the 434 projects comprising 42,677 AWCs were functioning under the Centrally Sponsored ICDS scheme.


    In compliance with the Supreme Court Order, as per the revised norms, there must be one AWC for a population of 500-1500 in plain areas and 300-1500 in Tribal areas,to cover all habitations in the State, the GOI had sanctioned 3049 additional AWCs for Tamil Nadu. And Government Orders have been issued for opening of these centres in August 2006. In 2006,434 projects were functioning with 45726 AWCs in 30 districts.

    Under the second phase,the Department of Women and Child Development,New Delhi have requested to universalize the ICDS scheme – to provide a functional AWC in each settlement and ensure full coverage of all children especially SC/ST children. And GOI had sanctioned an additional 1539 Main and 3168 Mini AWCs for Tamil Nadu in 2007. The Government Orders were issued for opening of these centres in October 2008. Therefore the same 434 projects with 47265 Main and 3168 Mini totaling 50433 AWC were functioning effectively in Tamil Nadu in 30 districts

    To ensure universalisation of ICDS and to cover all areas especially SC/ST/Minority/slum areas, in compliance with the Supreme Court Order i.e for 400-800 1 AWC,801-1600 2AWC and multiples of 800 thereafter in R/U areas and one AWC for every 300-800 population in Tribal areas,and one Mini Centre for every 150-400 population in R/U areas and one Mini centre for 150-300 population in Tribal areas.Based on these norms, a complete re-mapping exercise was undertaken. The GOI have sanctioned 2234 Main and 1771 Mini AWCs in Dec 2008 and State Government Orders issued in Jan 2010 for the operation of the above centres. Therefore 49499 main and 4940 mini AWCs are operational from Feb-2010 onwards. The Government Orders have been issued to open these Additional AWCs in Jan 2010. The 434 projects in 49499 Main & 4940 Mini AWCs totaling 54439 AWCs are operational from Feb-2010 onwards in 32 districts.

Beneficiaries of ICDS Project

  • Children 0-3 years
  • Children 3-6 years
  • Expectant mothers
  • Nursing mothers
  • Old Age Pensioners
  • Adolescent girls
  • Community Groups/Community Leaders

Package of Services delivered at Anganwadi Centres

  • Growth Promotion
  • Universal Supplementary nutrition
  • Early Childhood care and Pre-School education
  • Nutrition and Health education
  • Health Services by Health personnel (VHN / M.O.)
  • Referral Services

Strategies for Service Delivery

  • Most of the services are delivered at AWC level
  • Nutrition and Health services are given as a package to target groups/involving allied departments.
  • Services are rendered jointly by Health and Nutrition functionaries
  • Joint review at Primary Health centre, Block / District level
  • Programme support by training and communication.
  • Community participation at various levels
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