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ALMSC(Anganwadi Level Monitoring and Supported Committee)

The Anganwadi Level Monitoring and Support Committee has been formed in all the functioning AWCs in both Rural and Urban areas. The ALMSC consists of 14 members viz.

  1. CDPO/Supervisor/Chair Person

  2. Anganwadi Worker_Convency

  3. Panchayat President/Members

  4. School Teachers/Headmistress

  5. Village Health Nurse

  6. Representative of NGO (2 Nos)

  7. Representative of Self Help Group (2 Nos)

  8. Social Worker

  9. Parents of Children Attending AWC (3 Nos)

  10. Representative of Adolescent's Group (or) Thozhi under Sable Scheme

Monthly Meetings

  • Once a month the meeting has to be convened.
  • At least 1/3 of the members, have to compulsorily attend every meeting.
  • The decisions and activities discussed in the meetings have to be recorded by the Village Health Nurse.

To make the Village "Malnutrition Free" the members of ALMSC will review and take/suggest actions to improve the following delivery of services at the AWCs.

  1. Create awareness about the nutritional issues and significance of Nutrition as an important determinant of health.

  2. Carry out survey and Nutritional deficiencies in Village, especially among woman an children.

  3. Identify the locally available food stuff of high nutrient value as well as disseminate and promote best practices.

  4. Inclusion of Nutrition needs in Village Health plan. The Committee will do a depth analysis of causes of malnutrition at the community and households by involving the VHN, AWW and Anganwadi Supervisors.

  5. Monitoring and Supervision of Village Health and Nutrition day to ensure that it is organized every month in the village with the active participation of the whole village.

  6. Facilitate early detection of malnourished children in the Community and refer them to the hospital.

  7. Supervise the functioning of AWC.

  8. Early identification of children with disability and refer them to the Nutritional Rehabilitation centre.

  9. Refer children with severe malnutrition.

  10. Promote Family Planning methods. Especially give priority for the no scalpel methods for the men.

  11. Ensure distribution of protected water to the people.

  12. Analysis on Infant mortality and maternal mortality in the area and take action to prevent the same. Monitor female feticide and infanticide and prevent.

  13. Encourage registration of birth and death.

  14. Ensure that all eligible mothers get funds through the various schemes like Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternal benefit scheme/IGMSY scheme/Janani Suraksha Yojana(JSY) scheme

  15. Whether chlorination is done for the drinking water at Over head tanks at AWC/Sub centre.

  16. Promote school dropout to get mainstreamed in schools.

Role of Anganwadi worker

  1. Every month the Anganwadi Worker has to attend the monthly meeting.

  2. Identify health issues of their area and give priority for these in the meetings.

  3. As the Members of Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committees and Anganwadi Level Monitoring Committee are one and the same the both the committees may be clubbed together and registers may be maintained accordingly.

  4. Every month the Anganwadi workers have to conduct/ attend the meeting and keep a record of the meeting.

Government Order

G.O.(Ms.No.35) Dt: March 14,2013

Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department - Integrated Child Development Services Scheme - Constitution of Monitoring and Review Committee - State Level Monitoring and Review Committee(SLMRC), District Level Monitoring and Review Committee(DLMRC), Block Level Monitoring Committee(BLMC) and Anganwadi Level Monitoring and Support Committee(ALMSC) on Integrated Child Development Services Scheme(ICDS) for Monitoring and Supervision of implementation of ICDS Scheme in Tamilnadu.