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The Integrated Child Development Services Scheme was launched in India...

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Innovative AND other training

Other than the regular training for ICDS functioneries such as Job and Refresher training,there is a need to look at the capacity building of the ICDS functioneries focussed of the nutritional and hloistic well being of women and children.

The Other/Innovative training programme comprises area specific training programmes such as:

  •  Capacity building of intersectoral teams
  •  Community based Strategy for prevention of Malnutrition
  •  Development of Adolescent Girls in all aspects
  •  Gender Sensitisation and Women Empowerment for Elected Women representatives of PRI
  •  Personality and Team development
  •  Leadership and Motivation
  •  Infant and Young Child Feeding
  •  Integrated Management of Neo-natal & Childhood illness

These training programmes will update the information according to lifestyle changes and impart skill development relevant to the objectives of ICDS programme.