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The Integrated Child Development Services Scheme was launched in India...

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IEC Strategies and Programme Activities

  • 1) Strengthening Interpersonal Communication and supportive Counseling by field functionaries
  • 2) Improving the knowledge and skill and sustaining the support of community groups (viz. Women Working Groups, Adolescent Girls Working Groups and Children Working Groups) in communication activities.
  • 3) Involving formal and informal leaders in maintenance and upkeep of Anganwadi centres.
  • 4) Use of traditional folk media
  • 5) Mobilizing community resources and support for successful implementation of all services.
  • 6) Decentralized, need based area specific and target oriented educational approaches.
  • 7) Strengthening mass media support for Interpersonal communication and Group communication activities
  • 8) Sensitizing and involving influencing groups like a) in-laws and elders in the family b) Panchayat raj members c) traditional medical practitioners d) other opinion leaders, Self Help Groups and NGOs
  • 9) Organizing exhibitions in fairs and festivals.
  • 10) Developing IEC materials and training support materials like modules and manuals
  • 11) Updating information and improving knowledge and skill of field functionaries through Bi-monthly newsletter, "CHITTU KURUVI" (sparrow).


Communication programme activities were planned in such a way that it should disseminate all the project messages to bring attitudinal changes. A number of Communication programmes were planned and conducted in the field:

  1. "Community Baby Shower programme" for Antenatal Mothers.

  2. Workshop for "Newly Married Couple".

  3. "Traditional Food Festival"

  4. Broadcasting Radio Jingles in FM Radio Station.

  5. Conducting cooking demonstration in Anganwadi Centres on preparation of low cost nutritious recipes.

  6. Periodical educational sessions for community working groups such as (Women's Working Group, Adolescent Girls Working Group and Children's Working Group).

  7. Production of IEC support materials.

  8. Publication of Bi-monthly newsletter "Chittukuruvi".

  9. Area specific, need based IEC activities

  10. Community Based Events (CBE) towards propagating POSHAN Abhiyaan

Impact of IEC activities:-

  1. Reduction in severe and moderate malnutrition among children.

  2. Improved Nutrition and Health status of antenatal and postnatal mother

  3. Awarness generation has been increased among the adolescent girls in the components of Nutrition, Health, Life skills education and empowerment as a whole.

  4. Community Participation has been augmented manifold.

  5. Area Specific, Need-Based IEC activities.