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The Integrated Child Development Services Scheme was launched in India...

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IEC Objectives

Information, Education and Communication

Information, Education and Communication Strategies & activities of the ICDS Project aim to create demand, attitudinal change and bring about positive behaviour changes among individuals, family and community and thereby contributing towards reduction of malnutrition in the community. In ICDS communication forms an integral part of the Project. It is implemented in close coordination with the activities of other components of the Project. It precedes, interlinks and succeeds with every activities of the Projects.


1) To promote individual services and all other interventions of the project by creating demand,  acceptance and adaptation among target groups

2) To bring about desirable behavioral changes in the household level maternal, child care and feeding practices

3) To mobilize community participation and support for various project activities

4) To empower the communities to plan and implement sustainable interventions to reduce malnutrition among adolescent girls, women and children and improve health and nutrition status of the community.